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About Us

Lox Lane Farm was formed as part of the vast estate of the Duke of Westminster. The title Duke of Westminster was created by Queen Victoria in 1874 and bestowed on Hugh Grosvenor, 3rd Marquess of Westminster. Links to the Grosvenor / Westminster family are evident all around the area, with the Grosvenor Hotel and Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury for example.

The 73 acre farm was leased to a tenant farmer, as were many in the neighbourhood, until it passed into private ownership. A large herd of Ayrshire cattle was a familiar sight. The farm fell into disrepair and was in a poor state when the buildings and 6 acres were purchased by New Covenant Church (now Father’s House Shaftesbury) in 1990. A series of photographs on the walls of the Dining Room show the development of the site over the past 25years into the lovely conference centre it has become.