Lox Lane | Father’s House Retreats

Father’s House Retreats

We are pleased to announce two mid-week retreats in the beautiful setting of Lox lane. The two retreats will be self-led, with the freedom to rest and enjoy time with God at your own pace.


There will be the opportunity to join in with corporate worship and devotion twice a day if you choose.


Monday 5th – Friday 8th July                             Monday 9th – Friday 13th August


Accommodation: You can book to stay in one of our en-suite rooms for up to 4 nights. This will be on a donation basis.


Day Visitors: There will be the opportunity for those who live locally to come for a day – there will be limited spaces – so this needs to be booked.


Food: We will be offering all visitors the chance to purchase food on site – meals will need to be pre-booked.


Booking: Please get in touch with Caroline for more information or to book 01747 854993 or admin@fathershouseshaftesbury.com 

Also a booking form for July can be downloaded here and for August here