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October 2019: Lox Lane update

It’s over a year since our last newsletter – so we thought it was time to let you know what’s been going on at Lox Lane and the plans for the future.

The team

There have been some changes to the team on-site at Lox Lane over the Summer.

We said goodbye and a massive ‘Thank you’ for all their work to Andy and Linda East.

Steve & Rachel Scott (with their children Levi Blue & Dakota Rose) and Jean Knight continue the work of hosting people and caring for the site.

And we have had the pleasure of welcoming Steve and Chrissie Chant to the team, they moved in at the beginning of August and are getting settled in.

What has been happening in the last 12 months…

  • We have had 6 Encounter Weekends – these continue to give many people the opportunity to find healing and freedom through an encounter with the Father
  • We had the 3 week Eagles Wings School (after a break in 2018), with 22 students attending, from 6 different countries and the UK.
  • We hosted the ‘Incredible’ Weymouth Children’s camps, in July – providing the perfect place for a life-changing experience for many children.
  • We hosted ‘Jesus Fields’ summer event, which was amazing despite some pretty challenging weather!
  • We have continued to host many groups from other Churches, as well as families and individuals – receiving great feedback about the welcome, the atmosphere and the cooking.
  • In November last year we ran our first mid-week event at Lox Lane, with ‘Running Life’s Marathon with Passion’: A five day study on the book Hebrews by our dear friend Paul Wakely. This was just a joy to be involved in and Paul’s study has been turned into a book which is almost ready for publishing.


Work done in the last year:

We have continued to make improvements to the buildings and facilities at Lox lane

  • Repair of the roof in the meeting room. This was necessary as the roof was leaking and making the room very damp. The repairs have made a huge difference.
  • Replaced the old water tank in the Farmhouse loft with a new hot water system.  This was a real team effort on the part of everyone at Lox Lane, as well as Clive, with very grateful thanks to David Perry (helping with the legal requirements and general problem solving!) and Tim Cronin (plumbing and associated work).
  • On-going decoration and improvement. Everyone at Lox Lane continues to contribute to this.
  • Coming up we have booked the second half of the Fire Alarm installation for December when the site will be quiet. This will involve all the courtyard buildings and will link them into the system already in place in the Farmhouse.


Looking forward:

  • We continue to work on upgrading and improving the fabric of Lox Lane.
  • We continue to host Church groups and families for catered and self-catered retreats – this is a significant source of income, keeping Lox Lane running.

We are really looking forward to 2 mid-week events

  • Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th November: True sonship, full inheritance: God’s answer for an orphaned planet. Looking at Romans 1 – 8, led by Paul Wakely.
  • Tuesday 3rd – Friday 6th December: HEARTBEAT – Exploring the prophetic through music with Ruth Fazal & Martin Neil.

Look out for the flyers for more details


The vision for the future of Lox Lane

The attached sheet describes the vision for Father’s Heart Academies to take place twice a year. We anticipate these will eventually become the main focus of the work at Lox Lane, however we will still be running Encounter weekend’s and mid-week retreats and hosting children’s camps etc. We will also continue to book other church groups & families to provide income to support the vision.

If the Lord prompts you to invest in the work at Lox Lane that would be great but there is no pressure.

If you would like to know more about Lox lane visit the House on-line magazine to see the articles about Lox Lane or you can become a friend of Lox lane at www.loxlane.co.uk/friends-of-lox-lane

Father’s Heart Academy has grown out of Father’s House, Shaftesbury, which has been a worshipping community since 1977. Initially the congregation met in different venues before purchasing the property in Shaftesbury in 1987. Soon after this we were able to buy Lox Lane Farm, a beautiful 19th century farmstead. It was transformed into a place for people to encounter God and find a place of love, acceptance and healing in Him.

Over a period of many years we have been involved in leading people into the freedom of forgiveness and heart healing as they get to know and understand more of the love of their Heavenly Father. Our desire is to take that experience and put it into a five month academy, giving an extended period of time where they can be fully immersed in experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit enabling them to become disciples of Jesus.

We want to give those attending the opportunity to become established in the Lord and to go deeper into His heart as they grow in their faith and face the challenges of life. We are planning to run two five month academies each year; one beginning in September and one in March. The course will cover a wide spectrum of activity designed to help each person discover their true identity and life calling as a child of God. There is a list of the course subject matter on the website: www.fathersheartacademy.co.uk

During the academy there will be conferences at Lox Lane, with guest speakers who carry a rich deposit of God’s grace and are able to impart that grace into others. Our students will benefit from these; but they will also be opened up to a wider audience.

The Father’s Heart Academy team –


Clive and Sue Jackson

Founding Pastors of Father’s House, Shaftesbury

“We believe God is raising up young people who are completely captured by the Kingdom of Heaven, who will give their lives to usher in the return of Jesus Christ. We as a couple want to give ourselves to the preparation of this generation. Why not join us and become part of this adventure together?”

            Andrew and Flor White    Andrew grew up near Shaftesbury and has been at Father’s House since he was a boy. After training as a blacksmith, he travelled to Venezuela where he met his wife Flor. Flor was a full-time missionary travelling extensively throughout central America and the Caribbean. They spent many years in short term mission and running the Intern programme at Father’s house. They have a passion for seeing people transformed and equipped for the coming of God’s kingdom.

Steve and Rachel Scott

Two years ago Rachel and I left the hustle and bustle of inner city life in London to move to Lox Lane, Dorset and join the team. We wanted to create a platform and safe place for people to come and discover their God given gifts and abilities and find purpose and destiny.

Prior to coming to here we both worked as youth pastors for many years. I was also a church elder and assistant pastor in an evangelical fellowship and Rachel worked in inner city schools mainly with students with behavioural challenges in the class room.

We have both been heavily involved in mentoring programmes and are passionate about helping young people discover their true identity in Christ and then to walk and live in the truth of who God says they are.

Our aim in the five months is to begin to establish the students in the ways of the Lord and His Spirit so that by the end they will be flowing with Him and His purposes, equipped in their hearts to know Him better.

The Academy is aimed at, but not exclusive to, young people looking for an exciting and challenging time to focus on their journey with the Lord.

The cost is £3,500. This covers tuition, accommodation and food, as well as a mission trip.

October 2019 Update:

We thought it would be good to let you know some of the things which have been going on at Lox Lane over the past year. All exciting, although some less glamorous than others!

Steve & Rachel Scott have been living at Lox Lane for over a year now – they have done a great job as hosts, alongside Andy & Linda East and Jean Knight.


Work done in the last year:

  • Replacement of 40 windows and doors. This was a really big project which took place last October. It has made such a difference. We are going to put some photos on the Father’s House Facebook page & ‘The House’ magazine for anyone who hasn’t been to Lox Lane to see them.
  • Renovations in the Barn where Steve and Rachel and their family are living.
  • Complete electrical inspection and a fire inspection of all the buildings. Installation of a whole new connected Fire Alarm system in the Farmhouse.
  • Repair of the Klargester (waste system) in July last year. A very unglamorous but very necessary job.
  • And lots of on-going decoration and improvement. Everyone at Lox Lane has contributed to this.

Thanks to everyone who has been generous with their giving, enabling us to accomplish all that we have done this year


Events and groups

  • We have run 6 Encounter Weekends over the past 12 months – these continue to give many people the opportunity to find healing and freedom through an encounter with the Father.
  • We hosted the ‘Lavish’ Weymouth Children’s camps, over 2 weeks in the Summer – providing the perfect place for a life-changing experience for a 100 children and young adults
  • We have hosted many groups from other Churches, as well as families and individuals – receiving great feedback about the welcome, the atmosphere and the cooking! The organiser of one men’s group which come for a weekend every January describes it as a ‘place of grace’.



Looking forward

  • We continue to work on upgrading and improving the fabric of Lox Lane.
  • We are working hard on marketing to make ourselves more ‘visible’ so we can increase bookings. Essential if we want to move forward with major improvements.
  • We are looking at the idea of regularly running our own mid-week events at Lox Lane, with various speakers and themes. Our first was 26th – 30th November 2018, when we had a conference called ‘Running Life’s Marathon with Passion’: A five day study on the book Hebrews by our dear friend Paul Wakely. We believe this was just the beginning….
  • Our vision is that in building on the bookings from other groups using Lox Lane as a venue AND beginning to put in place more of our own events we can look forward to planning a much bigger project in the near future!  Replacing the Kitchen, Dining room and Meeting rooms – all of which have seen better days. As you can imagine this is indeed a big project!


If the Lord prompts you to invest in the work at Lox Lane that would be great but there is no pressure.



For update from Clive Jackson – September 2017 – click here.


Lox Lane Farm – The Story Continues!

9th August 2017 – Keeping you in touch with Lox lane Farm.

Lox Lane is an exciting venture – and the most exciting news of all is the arrival of Steve and Rachel Scott who have swelled our little community from 3 to 7! Here is what they look like!


We believe that Lox Lane is on the verge of something new, and we want you to feel part of it.


The desire of all our hearts is to see Lox Lane become a life giving and life receiving community that hosts the presence of God and hosts people. We would like it to become a place of prayer and worship, providing a welcome into an atmosphere of life, fun and where visitors and guests alike will encounter God.


Steve and Rachel are living in the Barn next door to us and have already become a part of the Father’s House Family – if you see them, please give them a big welcome hug!


Steve and Rachel have arrived at a perfect time because we are getting busier!


In the past 12 months alone, Lox Lane has hosted 2 Schools of the Heart, six encounter weekends, one Created to Worship school, one Kids Camp, over 500 guests, hundreds more at monthly “refreshing days” and cooked thousands of meals! Over the years, we have hosted visitors from over 40 countries, so the blessing that Lox Lane is has also spread internationally.


Lox Lane was also home to those who joined the first year of the newly launched church internship programme. They are now staying with host families in the church.


So, what practical things have been happening and what is planned? (Lox Lane Farm is 154 years old – so it needs a lot of TLC now and again!)


  • Restoration of the “Family Room” in the Farmhouse, with refurbishment in the en suite bathroom – we are so grateful to our friends Rodney and Pat Monks who came from “up north” and worked so hard to restore this room. Other friends, Diarmuid and Linda Lee are also coming to work mornings for 2 weeks.
  • Replacement of many of the windows at the Farm – most of which are now beyond repair. We have the quote and are going to step out to get the contractors in before winter to get this essential work done.
  • Opening of the Library as a quiet room. This lovely room will be getting a “make–over” and will be opened up for any who just want to come and “be” for an hour (or longer!). There are many books and a quiet atmosphere where self serve tea and coffee will be available from 8am until late every day. (It’s an alternative to Costa – but not the same coffee!)
  • Refurbishment of the Bargeboards on the Farmhouse gable end. This essential work will start as soon as possible – once we get a carpenter that is!
  • Redecorating of the Farmhouse bedrooms.


Becoming a “Friend of Lox Lane”

Many people who have experienced life here and have been blessed by attending one of the weekends, events or courses have expressed a desire to partner with the Lox Lane community by praying, giving or turning up to help in practical ways. To help facilitate this, we have launched a new initiative “Friends of Lox Lane”.


To find out more, including how to become a friend of Lox Lane, the application form can be downloaded by following the link here .


Most of all, we want you to feel involved and part of this continuing adventure.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help in any area.

Andy and Linda East

Lox Lane Hosts.